Lisa's wedding day
Today is 7th of January 2020. An one year ago I was main bridal stylist.
Lisa, Happy Anniversary.
First of all I want to say that it was great honour to be the part of Lisa’s big day. Lisa, thank you for your trust.
We found each other through Instagram. And it was really easy to communicate with Lisa. She knew what she wanted.
She planned to came to the Dominican Republic with a large group. And this is so cool, in mine opinion. Your friends, family can come to the island to share these emotions with you. 
As I said, Lisa came with the large group and I must to do make-up and hair for Lisa and her mother and 7 bridesmaids. 
We discuss in advance what kind of make-up and hair we will do for the girls and for Lisa. At big day, It really helps to make everything go smoothly and comfortably. 
So I created schedule. Lisa approved it. Next step, I assemble my team: Nastya, Nadya, Natasha. Thank you so much, girls. I hope we can work together as soon as possible. 
For one service, I always range from 40 minutes to 1 hour. For the bride’s look I range from 2 hours to 3. It always depends on what kind of hairstyle the bride wants.
This time Nastya helped me with bride’s hairstyle. This saved us one hour.
My team and I start working with bridesmaids before the bride (in case if we have a large group).
We did low bun and natural make-up for bridesmaids. And for Lisa we did natural make-up with liner and natural curls. Lisa has such beautiful hair.
Let’s go back to that beautiful day.
I picked up my team and together we came to the Huracan Cafe venue (If you do not know about this place, I recommend to check it out), around  9 am. I always come 15 minutes early to set up my workplace and everything will be ready when the bride arrives.
Then  Boyko Studio come and started to do their magic. Just look at these pictures. 
(all these pictures were made by BoykoStudio)
We finished our work around 3 pm and stay for one hour more to do touch up for all girls and Lisa.
When it came time to go to the ceremony, we said goodbye.
Being the main bridal stylist is always a really responsible job and a little nervous, because everything should be perfect, on time, every client should be satisfied and happy. And you as main bridal stylist, need to control the time and atmosphere and every make-up and hair. 
But on the other side, it is a great honor to be part of a beautiful and important day. 
Thank you for your time.
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