New story on the island

or we were published again

I would like to continue telling you about our shootings.
Kostya and I are obsessed with using our special light for any kind of shooting. We can use this light even in the desert.
For that time we were inspired by the use of fabric as the main background. You know, it was hard for us to decided which fabric to buy. We even went to the store many times, looked, and came back to home to think about which color/ texture we want. We decided to buy one fabric if we like to work with a fabric, we will buy another one and continue to take pictures. And we were obsessed to work with the fabric.

The NEXT shooting will definitely BE!

We set up our equipment and we thought that we just put the fabric on top and hook it with clamps. BUT the wind was strong and our structure just fell from the force of the wind. Maybe you can see it on the video. It is good that our friend Dima came with us and helped.
And at sunset we decided to take a couple of pictures. I will show the one that was chosen by the journal for publication.
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