Today we celebrate 1 year wedding anniversary's Ashley&Kristopher.

And I want to come back to that day

23 February

and share with you something more. 

Ashley and Kristopher, I congratulate you on your day. I wish you a long and happy life together.

Love each other, take care of each other.

Happy Anniversary!

Ashley and I had a long chat and I can say that Ashley is a most organized person in my life. She knew what she wanted, it was so easy and comfortable to work with Ashley and her bridal party. 
I knew all the details: time, how many services were needed, what kind of makeup and hairstyles were wanted. My team and I came to the Huracan cafe, we prepared everything and we waited our beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. 
Then Liza (the photographer) came to us and took Ashley with her group to take pictures on the beach. And I want to show you some pictures how the restaurant looked like (I took this pictures from Liza's instagram stories). 

And here is Ashley with her beautiful dress. and with unfinished hairstyle.

Girls came back to the room and Ashley gave them presents. P.S. I also received a lovely present. I will show it at the end of this story. 

The last preparation before the ceremony. 
And Ashley was ready to go to the ceremony.

  And I fell in love with this spot (wooden arch, flowers, sand and ocean)

And do you feel their love and warmth through this video?

And I promised to show my present.

Ashley&Kristopher THANK YOU!

Thank you for your time.
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